Power Rangers Wild Force is the 10th Season in the Power Rangers Franchise

Power Rangers Wild Force as 40 Good Episodes with 2 Awesome Team ups with the past 9 Red Rangers and the Time Force Rangers

The Summery of the Wild Force

The Series starts off with a wild human boy named Cole Evans who was raise by Tribel People who lives around wild animals. The on that day four wild teens found Cole and ask him if he can help them out by saving the world from these evil Orgs created by Master Org.


  • (Blazing Lion) Cole Evans/Red Wild Force Ranger
  • (Surging Shark) Max Cooper/Blue Wild Force Ranger
  • (Iron Bison) Danny Delgado/Black Wild Force Ranger
  • (Soaring Eagle) Taylor Earhardt/Yellow Wild Force Ranger 
  • (Noble Tiger) Alyssa Ernile/White Wild Force Ranger 
  • (Howling Wolf) Merrick Baliton/Lunar Wolf Ranger 
  • Princess Shayla 
  • Master Org
  • Bell Org 
  • Mary 
  • Turbine Org
  • Cell Phone Org
  • Camera Org 
  • Jindrax 
  • Toxica 
  • Tribel Leader 
  • Tribel Boy 
  • Zen-Aku
  • Mut Orgs 
  • Willie
  • MRS. Evans 
  • Mr. Evans 


  • Red Lion Zord
  • Blue Shark Zord 
  • Green Elephant Zord
  • White Tiger Zord
  • Black Bison Zord
  • Black Lion Zord
  • Silver Wolf Zord
  • Soul Bird 


  1. Wild Force Megazord 

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