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The Putrids are the footsoldiers in Power Rangers Wild Force.


Early LifeEdit

The Putrids were part of Master Org's army 3000 years ago and helped fight the humans and destroy the wildlife. However they were defeated with Master Org and the org army. ("Click, Click Zoom")

Wild ForceEdit

The putrids were first used by Barbed Wire Org, as Toxica gave them to him and ordered him to desotry Turtle Cove, however they were defeated alongside Barbed Wire Org. ("Darkness Awakening")

When Cole was fighing Camera Org Toxica and Jindrax used the Putrids to distract the other rangers however they were defeated. ("Click, Click Zoom")

When Toxica and Jindrax recurited Bell Org they lead an army of Putrids agaisnt the rangers to help defeat them. However the Putrids were again defeated alongisde Bell Org. ("Never Give Up")

When Ship Org emerged from the water and began attacking the rangers he was given the Putrids to help by Toxica and Jindrax. However Ship Org refused their help and began attacking the Putrids himself. ("Wishes on the Water")

Cell Phone Org uses the Putrids to chase the de-morphed Taylor and they manage to knock her out however she is saved by the Twins. ("Bear Necessities")

As Toxica chases after Cole, to stop him from finding the Soul Bird, she is stopped and surrounded by the rangers. So she throws her Putrid mixture into the air to create a small army of them to protect her however the rangers eventally fight the Putrids off. ("Soul Searching")

As Toxica escaped with the giraffe crystal she was caught by Danny and Taylor but Toxica used the Putrids to distract them while she continued to escape however Taylor fought off the Putrids and Danny still caught Toxica. ("Predazord, Awaken")

When Zen Aku was battling the rangers, Toxica and Jindrax arrived with a small army of Putrids to assist him however Zen Aku refused their help, attacking Toxica and causing them to retreat. ("Identity Crisis")