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Princess Shayla was the mentor of the Wild Force Rangers.

Summary of a Disney Princess !Edit

Early LifeEdit

Princess Shyala lived happily with humans and wildlife in a time when everyone lived in harmony. However Master Org rose and began to destroy the land with an army of Orgs. Princess Shyala was taken to the Animarium, which was lifted into the sky, where she would be protected. She was guarded by five Wild Zords and she slept for 3000 years. ("Click, Click Zoom")

Princess Shayla meets Taylor when she parachuts onto the Animarium from her failing Jet and informs her that she has been choosen to be a protector of the Earth. ("Bear Necessities")

Wild ForceEdit

Princess Shayla watches Cole, through the sacred water, rescue some animals and realises that he is to be the red ranger. ("Lionheart")

Princess Shayla continues to alert the rangers when Orgs are attacking Turtle Cove. ("Darkness Awakening")/("Never Give Up")/("Bear Necessities")

Princss Shayla tells the rangers about 3000 years ago when Master Org rose and attacked the Earth and the Animarium was lifted into the sky to be portected until Master Org was defeated.("Click, Click Zoom")

Alyssa takes Princess Shayla to investigate a strange cavern however she is captured by Tire Org. The rangers chase after him however struggle to keep up until they get help in the forms of new Motorbike. With the motorbikes the rangers chase Tire Org and Alyssa manages to save the Princess. However as the rangers battle Tire Org Princess Shayla is taken by Toxica and Jindrax. They take her to the cavern where she meets Master Org. Master Org demands her to open the cavern's power however she explains that only the chosen protector of the power can open it. Master Org angrily blasts the cave and leaves however Alyssa arrives and the power opens for her, an Elephant Zord. ("Ancient Awakening")

As Max is injured by Ship Org Princess Shayla helps himm heal and then helps him realise the Giraffe Zord is needed to defeat Ship Org. ("Wishes on the Water")